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Lately this is what my life feels like.


The Plate Spinner card by Becky Kazana

As a disabled person I have always begrudgingly accepted that I can’t do things quickly or multitask as much as I’d like to. As I have gotten older and become more limited I’ve had to edit out some activities entirely and prioritize those things I can still manage that are important to me.

When it comes to this blog there is so much I want to do with it and I never seem to have enough time to do it in. I can only type with one hand and it’s becoming compromised. Writing my posts, reading and answering your comments then visiting your blogs to comment, takes up a considerable amount of my time.Β  As much as I’d like to there’s no way for me to read everything that my fellow bloggers post. I marvel at those of you that I see constantly tweeting on Twitter, posting to Facebook and G+, pinning to Pinterest, uploading to Instagram, creating sets on Polyvore. Many of you host themed linkups, secure sponsorships from businesses you believe in, and giveaways of products you love and endorse.

So I’d like to pose this question to my readers and fellow bloggers. How do you find the time to do it all? How do you juggle your time to best use it towards your blogging aspirations? How do you maintain and promote your readership without neglecting those that are following you? How do you approach companies you believe in for sponsorship and giveaways? What are your strategies; what am I missing?

How do you keep all of your plates spinning?