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Have you ever met any of your fellow fashion bloggers “IRL” – in real life? I hadn’t, until last week.

When it comes to going to new places and meeting new people I’m not always entirely comfortable. It’s difficult to be spontaneous in exploring little shops and boutiques if I don’t know about their wheelchair access beforehand. It’s not fair for me to expect my Mr to maneuver a chair over steps or into impassably narrow shop isles. Then there’s the fact that most of my real-life conversations are with my dogs who aren’t likely to tell me if I’m being too honest or socially inappropriate. I don’t want to come off like Martha Stewart, but I don’t want to be a pill, either.

Megan of Megan Mae Daily and I have been planning, and failing, to meet IRL for several months now. Megan recently began working part-time at The Flip Flop Consignment Shop and this past Saturday she invited me to a special event.


The shop hosted a benefit for the Gallatin Shalom Zone and “Dress For Success.” The Gallatin Shalom Zone is a non-profit organization that “works to transform negative forces within the community, focusing on spiritual renewal, economic development, race relations, health and healing”. “Dress For Success” educates teens on career choices and gives them the ability to dress appropriately for job interviews. To that end the shop has relegated an entire rack of clothing for the cause, which are also for sale to the public, with all proceeds going to The Shalom Zone.


In addition to the rack Country music vocalist Sarah Darling stopped by to perform a brief acoustic set, sign autographs, and donate several items of clothing to be auctioned off for the cause.


I didn’t really know I would be attending until the last minute so I think I caught Megan by surprise. She’s such a warm person and a delicate beauty. She gave me a big hug and seemed very happy I had come. Megan promptly directed me to the appropriate racks for shopping and I purchased a few goodies for next to nothing. Be on the lookout for them in the future.

The afternoon went by too quickly and, even though we couldn’t chat for long because Megan was busy working, we found a moment to snap a photo with shop owner Lacey Montgomery.

Lacey, Me, and Megan

Lacey, Me, and Megan

I don’t think I put my foot in my mouth once during the entire event. Wait; well, who knows? I’m fine with it either way. I had a great time supporting a Middle Tn independent shop and buying secondhand. My hubby and I even had lunch next door at The Baker’s Rack and got free cupcakes!

More importantly I got to meet a very special young woman whom I only knew from the ‘net and who exceeded all of my expectations. I look forward to getting together with her again when she isn’t working and can have a good time doing whatever we want to do.

In other words, shopping.