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Last week I shared the video highlights of my fantastic evening at Art2Wear Nashville with the promise of more. Let’s start with a belated birthday present made possible by a very talented lady.

Photo May 24, 5 46 33 PM

The first vendor we visited was Felicitas Sloves, a Dutch born weaver and award-winning artist who has been weaving for nearly 30 years. Her pieces have been featured on Memphis television and in numerous publications.

Behind me in this photo is a small loom. More importantly, in my hand is one of Sloves’ hand-woven “Watercolor” scarves. There were other garments and small bags on display as well, all made using the same method. These lovely one of a kind pieces are done on a traditional floor loom using novelty yarns of cotton, tercel, and bamboo.

I posed for the photo early on in the evening. By the time the evening was over the scarf was mine. You’ll have to make due with this closeup until I wear it for a future outfit post.