If You Follow Me

Please know that I appreciate each and every person who reads my blog, follows my progress, likes and comments on my posts, and shares them with others. It’s also very likely that I follow your endeavors as well. I pride myself in answering every comment I receive and make every attempt to visit those bloggers sites to give them my own feedback. If I don’t happen to comment on everything you post or miss something you think is important please don’t feel slighted. There are only so many hours in a day and I simply can’t come close to doing everything I’d like to during that finite amount of time. My disability doesn’t keep me from being fabulous, but it does mean I do most things pretty slowly. That’s the main reason I don’t post every day.

I do encourage you to give me a nudge if there’s something you really want me to read or comment on. I promise to do my best to get to it.

Thanks again for reading!

6 thoughts on “If You Follow Me”

  1. I am excited to discover your blog! I just started one on fashion for disabled women at wefly2.wordpress.com (I have peripheral neuropathy). I am a newbie and happy to have your site to learn from. BODS is a great approach. Thanks.

    • Welcome! I am so thrilled that you’re following me because my disabled followers always give me a broader perspective and terrific feedback. I’m following your blog now, as well.
      Perhaps you’d be willing to let me do a future Fashion Friday featuring you and you specific BODS profile? 😉

  2. Good morning! It’s Sharon and Alys. We’re trying out Sharon’s new Gravatar and saying hello at the same time. Hello!

  3. Thoroughly reasonable response … glad someone said it clearly.
    Me too, me too. Now we’re all good to go.

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